THC Nerd Rope – All You Need To Know

Weed nerds rejoice! A new favorite way to consume cannabis has finally hit the market. THC Nerd Rope is a new and innovative way to get high that combines all the perks of smoking weed with the fun of using candy. This innovative product is made up of a series of small ropes, each infused […]

How To Light A Joint? Step-By-Step Guide

Smoking cannabis is a common practice for many people. Let’s be honest; almost everyone knows how to light a joint. However, if you are new to smoking cannabis, here is an easy and quick guide to help you out. One way you can light your joint is by using a lighter. Holding the flame up […]

What Is The Best Way To Store Cannabis?

Cannabis stores are constantly launching captivating offers and discounted prices which is the best time to stock up on your favorites. However, getting your products stocked up comes with the risk of spoilage if you don’t store them right. Though it isn’t a big deal to store cannabis products, doing it the right way may […]

Does Kief Get You Higher Than Bud?

Exploring the world of cannabis, you come across multitudinous varieties of products widely varying regarding potency and other aspects. The amount of high caused by a product is always one of the main concerns of its users, especially if it’s the reason for its use in the first place. This makes you try different products […]

How To Use Kief? 3 Fun Ways To Use Kief

Cannabis is a whole world of options with multitudinous varieties of products. As much as it’s fun for the users to pick out from such a huge room of choices, it sometimes ends up in confusion. Cannabis Kief is another popular name in the world of cannabis. So what is kief? How to use kief? […]

What is Crumble Concentrate?

It’s pretty natural for the users to find their minds cluttered with these names of multitudinous varieties of cannabis concentrates. Each of them differs from the other one in minor aspects. However, these minor differences make huge differences. Thus, it’s important to get well-versed with different cannabis concentrates before getting your hands on them. So, […]

What Are Cannabis Moon Rocks?

People are still confused between cannabis moon rocks and cannabis caviar, and it comes as no surprise. Cannabis moon rocks are quite similar to cannabis caviar, with a minor difference that the latter lacks a layer of kief, so make sure to buy genuine cannabis moon rock strain dipped in kief. From the texture and […]

Where To Buy Edibles in DC?

Many users prefer using cannabis edibles over other products. Probably this is because of the exceptional range of health benefits they offer with the least number of side effects. Other administration methods like smoking involve certain side effects, while edibles are comparatively safer. All this, with the convenience of carrying them around anywhere you want, […]

How To Vape Dry Herb? | All You Need To Know

Vaping is becoming a new standard instead of smoking; you would probably notice that vapes are getting more popular with each passing day. Vaping has taken over the mainstream culture, and more smokers are shifting towards vaping. There are different types of vaping, but dry vaping 101 has its definite place. If you are new […]

An Ultimate Guide To Cannabis Concentrates 101

If you are new to cannabis concentrates, you might become confused as you come across different varieties. Multiple names, such as budder, wax, shatter, and resin, can make the newcomer’s head spin. However, as you get deeper into the cannabis culture, everything gets clearer, and everything makes sense. Cannabis concentrates 101 are highly potent, which […]